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CXO Round Table Series

These achievements prove that the country has mature project management acumen. However, to replicate these successes through... Read more

02 Aug 2017
Project Success Paves The Road To Global Leadership

State investments in infrastructure creation, policies that encourage a healthy business ecosystem, and a stable and supporti... Read more

02 Aug 2017
Reaching for the Skies

L&T adopts creative methods to reduce construction time, avoid disruptions, and deliver a green, new airport terminal in Mumb... Read more

01 May 2017
PMI's Pulse of the Profession 2017 Report : India Crosses China, Middle East in Project Success Rate

The effect of culture in projects involving multi-cultural teams has been apparent for many years. Managing projects nowadays... Read more

02 Feb 2017
Sustainable, Impactful Projects Win the Honors

The winning project was completed ahead of schedule, in just three months. Since its launch on 1 February 2016, the center ha... Read more

01 Feb 2017
Vision India: Setting Sights on Growth

India is getting back on the growth track powered by long-term structural reforms, strong policy direction, increased investm... Read more

02 Nov 2016
National Programs Taking India Forward

In 2015, when the Government of India announced that the tiger population in India surged 58 percent in seven years it was a ... Read more

01 Aug 2016
Holistic Approach to Save Tigers

In 2015, when the Government of India announced that the tiger population in India surged 58 percent in seven years, it was a... Read more

01 Aug 2016
Breathing Life Back into Humayun’s Tomb

The unveiling of a new gold and copper finial on top of Humayun's Tomb in New Delhi on 19 April caps the closure of a long an... Read more

01 Jun 2016
Rising to the Challenge

Sun-baked, parched farmlands in Maharashtra and Telangana, inundated streets of Chennai and Srinagar, and houses reduced to a... Read more

01 Apr 2016
On the Right Track

Winners of the 2015 PMI Project of the Year awards redefined project management excellence through rigorous planning, the ado... Read more

01 Jan 2016
Project Management in IT: Scope and Application Redefined

Ambitious government plans like Make in India, Digital India, and Smart Cities have high dependency on infrastructure to make... Read more

01 Aug 2015
Exploit Innate Indian Qualities to Excel in the Global Market

There is a big gap in the quality of talent being produced in the country today. Higher education curriculum needs to match w... Read more

01 Aug 2015
Projects that Define India

At 226 meters – three times taller than the Qutab Minar in Delhi – the Bhakra Dam is among the highest gravity dams in the wo... Read more

01 Aug 2015
National Goals Call for Creative Approach

The status of women in society is one of the worst forms of contradictions of modern India, where on the one hand, women occu... Read more

01 May 2015
Going Agile

Iterative development, adaptability, flexibility, and rapid deployment are some terms you commonly hear in agile project mana... Read more

01 Mar 2015
Rapid Deployment in ERP Environment

Organizations are today aiming at rapid deployment to reduce time-to-market. Concepts like agile project management methodolo... Read more

01 Mar 2015
Hybrid Approach for Automobile Industry

Many automotive organizations follow Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), which is a framework of procedures and techniq... Read more

01 Mar 2015
Winning Projects of 2014

The PMI India Best Project of the Year awards, presented at the PMI India National Conference in September 2014, shone the ... Read more

01 Dec 2014
Care On The Go

Care On The Go For each emergency incident, GVK EMRI follows an execution plan of “sense, reach, care and follow-up”, and a... Read more

01 Sep 2014