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Offshore Centers Must Showcase Expertise To Win Core Projects

I suggest the following techniques for managers of offshore centers to convince the head office management to offer them high... Read more

02 Aug 2017
The Cultural Arena in Projects

Even though cultures and traditions have an impact on an individual’s behavior, when we talk about organization culture, this... Read more

01 Feb 2017
Time to Support Easy Access of Knowledge, Certifications

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Technology advancement in the past one decade has o... Read more

02 Nov 2016
Project Manager as a Coach and Mentor

These days a project manager's role involves a whole lot more than being a connecting point for various project components. A... Read more

01 Jun 2016
It’s Profitable to be Ethical

Ethics is often believed to be an expensive practice that causes an organization to forego profits. Organizations must rememb... Read more

01 Apr 2016
Sustaining Capability through Competency Development and Collaboration

Organizations focus on business as usual as they transform their business operations. Initiatives that bring about business c... Read more

01 Jan 2016
The Nuts and Bolts of Change Initiatives

The good old saying, “Change is the only constant in life”, is very true in contemporary business situations. Business has to... Read more

01 Aug 2015
Project Failure: A look at Organizational Factors

Projects fail when they fail to fulfill their mandates. They fail whenever they fail to have a good grip on the constraints, ... Read more

01 May 2015
Common Mistake in Risk Management

Project risk management is often misunderstood as a function that adds more documentation and less action. We expect the proj... Read more

01 Mar 2015
Project Management Lessons in Outsourced Product Development

Ramping up operations to meet the requirements of a rapidly evolving engagement from an offshore location has its own challen... Read more

01 Dec 2014
Servant Leadership for Projects with Agile Techniques

Servant Leadership for Projects with Agile Techniques Leadership has long been an interesting and intriguing topic for resear... Read more

01 Sep 2014
Why Ethics Matter at Work

Why Ethics Matter at Work BY ALANKAR KARPE, PMP Mr. Alankar Karpe, PMP, PMI-ACP, works as a services project manager for C... Read more

01 Jul 2014
Project Management in Capital Projects in Pharmaceutical Industry

Project Management in Capital Projects in Pharmaceutical Industry In India, the growth and achievements of the pharmaceutical... Read more

01 May 2014
Creating a Project Management Center of Excellence

A Project Management Center of Excellence (PMCoE) is focused on building capability in current project managers as well as de... Read more

02 Mar 2014