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Reaching for the Skies
01 May 2017

L&T adopts creative methods to reduce construction time, avoid disruptions, and deliver a green, new airport terminal in Mumbai Mumbai, a city that has grown atRead More

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Letter From Managing Director
Raj Kalady
02 Nov 2017

The Project Management National Conference 2017 is a wonderful example of what careful planning, good execution, and strong teamwork can achieve. The c...Read More

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Project Management at Scale: Indispensable to Achieve Vision India
Prashant Ranade
02 Nov 2016

Project management is as old as civilization itself. The wonders of the ancient world - the Egyptian pyramids, Greek temples, the Colosseum in Rome, or the Ajanta-Ellora caves - would not have been possible without robust project management. Modern history too is witness to several project management marvels in engineering, construction, new technologies, and space exploration.Read More

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Winning response for February issue’s Short Takes.

Q. What are some simple ways to inculcate project management as a life skill in children?

A. Children are excited about their birthday party, play dates and their summer vacation, these are excellent opportunities to inculcate some planning skills in them. Getting their help to plan their party or that of a sibling can give them a preview of the prioritization..
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Winning response for February issue’s Short Takes.
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PMNC 2017 : PMI India Awards 2016

02 Jan 2017

It was a highly complex and sensitive project since it had to be built around the fully functional, existing Mumbai airport. L&T introduced value added conceptsRead More

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Awareness Building Sessions

01 May 2017

PMI India Senior Champion Kiran Rajeshirke was a speaker and panel member at a symposium organized by PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter on 25 March.Read More

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The Cultural Arena in Projects

01 Feb 2017

Even though cultures and traditions have an impact on an individual’s behavior, when we talk about organization culture, this tends to be unique and remains theRead More

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01 May 2017

The Dramatic World of Project Management, an event organized by project management mentor and PMI India’s registered education provider, Dhananjay Gokhale, tookRead More

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